Sunday, January 31, 2010

Are You Creating Success Without Sacrifice?

I define my higher purpose as "being the best I can be". This is what I strive to be myself, it's what I support my husband and children to do and it's my drive and motivation for the work I do with clients. I think the world would be a much better place if we all desired and worked towards "being our best".

"Being our best" can mean a variety of things. For professional athletes, it could mean winning the gold. For business owners, it could mean building a multi-million dollar business. I define "being my best" as creating Success Without Sacrifice. Success without sacrifice means I pursue success in ALL areas of my life; successful business, successful marriage, successful family, successful health and leisure. I believe we can have it all and success without sacrifice means we pursue professional success without sacrificing any of the rest of our lives. This does not mean I think I have achieved it yet. Success without sacrifice is, I believe, a worthy goal and one worth pursuing.

Too many of us are pursuing success at all costs. While climbing our corporate ladders and building our businesses, we allow ourselves to get stressed out, burned out, over weight, under-rested, under-nourished and disconnected. And we justify it, convincing ourselves that all the sacrifices will be worthwhile, that our families will forgive us for missing important events, and we tell ourselves we will make up for lost time and recover once we reach our goal. Problem is, the goal is elusive. It's like the horizon. While we continuously take steps towards it, it seems to keep moving further away and we feel like we'll never arrive. Hence we take little or no time for what we say is important and we accept a stressed out life as our norm.

While pursuing Success Without Sacrifice for myself, I help my clients do the same.

My clients are busy, often overwhelmed entrepreneurs who are also passionate about making a difference and fulfilling their “higher purpose”. Because of their passion and because they are eager to make their businesses successful, they are often sacrificing the rest of their lives along the way. I show up and help them change this pattern. I help them accelerate their success in business AND in life, so there is no more sacrifice.

This blog is dedicated to the Success Without Sacrifice conversation. I intend to explore this idea so we all learn what it takes to actually achieve this BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). I will introduce tools and resources I explore in my own pursuit of this goal and I will ask challenging questions so you can engage in the conversation.

Join me on this crusade and together we can create successful enterprises, healthier, happier people, happier families and, I believe, a more sustainable world!


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